Hosted by Her Highness’s Executive Office, “Our Forum” is a celebration of HH’s illustrious career in the social sector represented by all of HH’s organizations which aim to realize HH’s vision for children, youth, women and families of Sharjah and the UAE, while HH’s philanthropic work benefits children, youth, women and families internationally.

“Our Forum” serves as an annual meeting for all of Her Highness’s organizations and their employees and allows them an opportunity to meet, network, share ideas, discuss and debate the different topics relevant to their work and to delivering Her Highness’s vision on the national level and globally.

“Our Forum” aims to inspire the teams in all of HH’s organizations to think and reach above and beyond their immediate reach. The annual event focuses on one ‘Big Topic’ which is important for all of the organizations and pertinent to all of the departments within each organization.

“Our Forum” will look at and discuss the new trends, ideas and technology that facilitates the efficient implementation of ‘The Big Topic’.